Get glowing, smooth skin with natural, cruelty free oatmeal based body scrubs and body products!

Designed to target a range of skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry skin as well as stretch marks, dark spots and cellulite. OAT BODY is the way to go


Our scrubs are created by a pharmacist using the finest ingredients because we believe in using the cleanest ingredients on our skin. Having Oatmeal as our main ingredient makes us unique.


We have so many postive outcomes from our scrubs you just have to see it for yourself!

Our scrubs are great at tackling, irritated, flakey, inflamed skin and so so much more...View some of our transformation pics below just to see how beneficial our scrubs actually are!
This users results are from our Feelin" Peachy scrub - OUR BEST SELLER 

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The scrub trio is the perfect combination of all levels of exfoliation you may need. Each scrub has a different level of grit meaning you can interchange depending on what suits your skin every time you scrub. This trio covers all bases and will ensure you have the smoothest and softest skin no matter which one you choose! Brilliant at removing fake tans.


One of the best body scrubs I have ever used. So gentle. After usage my skin felt exfoliated but hydrated. I didn’t need to moisturise afterwards.


Very gentle. Great for my sensitive skin. All the scrubs left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised. I had an itchy rash on my legs not long ago and after using this scrub it made it less irritated and seemed to calm it down.